Steel Products

Squares & Rounded Pipes

New calculations of the spreading of particles being carried down a pipe by a fluid show that the effect of the pipe shape—round versus rectangular—is more dramatic than researchers previously thought. The particles spread out asymmetrically in a rectangular pipe, whereas they form a symmetric distribution in both circular and elliptical pipes.

Experimentalists often study these processes by injecting a blob of dye into a flow and observing how it spreads over time. Compared to the average flow speed, some dye particles will move faster, whereas others will lag behind. Researchers have determined the distribution of dye for the two simplest cases—a circular pipe and a wide, flat channel—and found that the spread along the flow direction (upstream-downstream) is symmetrical for the circular pipe but not for the channel.

Roofing Sheets

From classic to contemporary, Attiroof provides a range of styles to meet the aesthetic needs of any home. Connect with our solution experts today for personalized service that elevates your roofing project.

We can provide products such as plates, pipes, profiles, building materials, special steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. With many years of experience in the steel industry, the company has a strong ability to control the market. According to the market demand, the company adjusts the inventory in a timely manner.

This product's availability in an alluring spectrum of colors, it adds more to the appearance that is already very smart and crafty. It is crafted with subtle square fluting to yield better output results.

Ensured reliability, performance and quality of our line of products is applauded nationwide for its aesthetic designs, rust resistant finish, and superior strength. With a mission of industry leadership we are developing highly anticipated and price efficient roofing and flooring sheets for industrial, residential and commercial buildings.

Nut Bolts

Discover our diverse subcategories, starting with Nut Insert for seamless and secure fastening solutions. CHHD Screw offers excellent strength and durability, ideal for heavy-duty applications. Countersunk Screws provide a flush finish and a smooth appearance. Find Nut and Washer sets for a complete fastening solution. Socket Head Cap Screws offer precision and reliability in various projects.

In this product range we are presenting finest quality Fire and Safety Products, Industrial Belts and Industrial Pulleys.

In applications where vibration or rotation may work a nut loose, various locking mechanisms may be employed: lock washers, jam nuts, eccentric double nuts, specialist adhesive thread-locking fluid such as Loctite, safety pins (split pins) or lockwire in conjunction with castellated nuts, nylon inserts (nyloc nut), or slightly oval-shaped threads.


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Nails come with concentric head and long pointed sharp tip that helps our customers to hammer smoothly in a single strike without bending of nails while hammering.

The nails are perfectly symmetric undergo stringent quality inspection before dispatch to customers. They are available at “Recommended Consumer Price” across India through our extensive network of dealers and distributors.