Metal Products

Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated sheets are also known as corrugated galvanized iron (CGI) sheets.

They are mainly used for construction of sheds, rooftops of factories and houses.

These products are known as green industries around the world because they do not harm the environment. The main product is produced in rolls or sheets and each has its main applications in various industries. Rolls are mostly used in the construction and agricultural sectors. Thus, it can be used for roofing in industrial hangars and poultry farms and also as a growing bed in greenhouses.

Cardboard sheets offer a thin but robust layer of protection for your products, and corrugated rolls enable you to enclose your items, helping to mitigate the shocks common to postal and shipping procedures.

Galvanized Sheet

We trade in galvanised sheets i.e. these are sheets coated with zinc to prevent steel or iron from erosion.

These sheets are mainly used in

  • Construction of balconies, building frames, canopies, ductwork, handrails, fences, industrial walkways, ladders, staircases, street furniture, support beams, verandas etc.
  • Electronics: Computer casings and precision instruments are made with zinc coating because it’s moisture- and rust-resistant.
  • Manufacturing of nails, nuts, bolts, pipes, wire ropes, playground equipments, cars and aircrafts.

The steel sheet is covered with a uniform zinc-plated layer by controlling the amount of zinc coating. Thezinc-plated layer itself is chemically treated, which ensures excellent corrosion resistance.

In the electro-galvanizing process, steel sheets are not heat-affected so they maintain the same workability as that of hot-olled and cold rolled steel sheets.

Roofings Sheets

Naksh Metals commits to superior quality, sourcing raw materials from top industry suppliers. Every batch is closely monitored for premium output.

Our Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheet is a premium roofing solution carefully crafted from high-quality

Strictly tested on rigorous quality parameters, the roofing sheets offered by us are cast out from aluminum or zinc alloys which are further coated with the steel of high tensile. Its anti capillary groove secures and keeps away every type of leak-proof. This product's availability in an alluring spectrum of colors, it adds more to the appearance that is already very smart and crafty. It is crafted with subtle square fluting to yield better output results.


Nail Plates are metal brackets used to protect wiring that is passing through a stud. In most building codes, one is required to use Nail Plates when the edge of a hole in a stud is less than 1-1/2 inches from the edge of the stud. Our Nail Plates come with self-nailing flanges that allow the installer to pound them in where necessary, with out fumbling around with nails.

These nails are made of sturdy iron metal wire, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads and resist bending or breaking.

The sleek silver finish of these nails adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your finished project. These nails offer excellent value for money, providing a high-quality and long-lasting solution at an affordable price.

Use these nails for a wide variety of DIY projects, from hanging picture frames and mirrors to building furniture or installing wooden structures.

Square & Round Steel Pipes

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Our products are most commonly used in construction materials. It is very strong and are made from readily available natural materials. It is known as mild steel because of its relatively low carbon content.