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Stainless Steel, the ultimate symbol of modernity

Naksh Precious Metal LTD.

Manufacturer & Supplier of Stainless Steel Products


Naksh Precious Metals Ltd.

Naksh Precious Metals Ltd. is engaged in Manufacturing and distribution of jewellery products . The company is provided Gold , Silver, diamonds jewellery products such as necklaces, bangles, rings, chains, earrings, etc.
Company is also engaged in Manufacturing and trading Base metals , steel products such as roofing sheets, nails , nut bolts squares n rounded pipes , springs, CRC , SRC coils, billets, angles , ball baring , zinc , nickel. etc.

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Naksh Precious Metals Ltd.

Manufacturing Steel & Stainless Steel for Diverse Industries

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To Create an Organisational structure that synergizes the efforts of every person at Naksh Precious Metals Ltd. To develop a system that is robust in roots and dynamic in growth and to stay prepared for tomorrow by anticipating the needs of tomorrow, today!

Industry Vision

Naksh Precious Metals Ltd. will always strive to be a company with the fundamentals of ethics and integrity as the fulcrum of its expansion. Our practise will include the protection of human life and the environment, as well as a strong commitment to team building principles.


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“Making steel is a fine art that comes when experience is mixed with knowledge and powered by the right tools.”


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